Let’s Go Crowdfunding…

by Featured Filmmaker Dan Smith
Crowd funding is my most recent attempt to find financing for my horror film.

I went with Kickstarter, and began our campaign on July 8th.

As of today, there is are only 6 days left to go…

The last few weeks have been a blur of emails, press releases and haiku style tweets… to promote my film. This is to say nothing of the Facebook posts or images I’ve pushed out to Tumblr. Most of my days and evenings are spent at the computer, writing emails to close friends, colleagues I haven’t seen in years or reaching out to a total stranger.

I’ve been eating mostly frozen dinners, consumed gallons of coffee and on the average sleeping about 5 hours a night. At this point I feel like a re-animated corpse on THE WALKING DEAD. And I’ve still got one week to go!

But my crowd funding story actually began a year and a half ago. And I can say that every minute of my free time has been spent engulfed in social media, creating a face and brand for my unproduced film.

The goal of course, is to meet and engage with other like-minded individuals… to build up my audience. It’s the reality for all filmmakers now. Followers are the bedrock for any kind of crowd funding campaign.

To begin with, one must have a Facebook page, and one must post something about your film at least once a week (hopefully twice a week). Always a challenge trying to write about a film that hasn’t been made, but it must be done!

In addition, each evening I spent about two hours socializing on Tumblr, which is like Facebook, but without the burden of writing a smart quip for every single photo you post. Most Tumblrs can be really random, but others maintain a theme of some kind. My theme of my tumblr connects to the genre of my film and other people who enjoy the same aesthetic.

But of all of the social media communities I’ve embraced over time, Twitter is the one I’ve spent the least amount of time on. Before the campaign began, I’d post a tweet once or maybe twice a week.

The campaign is almost over, and I’m realizing that Twitter is the platform that’s actually been the most useful to getting news out about my film. Less passive than Facebook or Tumblr, I can connect to horror bloggers and their communities much faster. At this point, I tweet about my film every three or four hours.

So you probably want to know if all those hours connecting with followers of SAVAGE SISTAS has been worth it all, right?

What does all this social media add up to in terms of crowd funding anyway?

Well, I’ll let you know in 6 more days…