An On-Screen Testament to Oakland’s History & Culture

by Featured Filmmaker Lyndsey Ellis

We Tell Our Stories Film Collective believes our strongest asset is community, a vessel for the voiceless. Without fellowship and candid examinations of history that impacts our future, neighborhoods fall victim to stagnancy and socioeconomic decline. We Tell Our Stories: This Side of Oakland aims to depict the preservation of Oakland roots through personal narratives told through the voices of those who’ve experienced this East Bay gem.

As part of our effort to get this film off the ground and running, we’ve been hard at work hosting quarterly events where local agents of change are honored for their work which makes Oakland, California a better place. Our frequent roundtable discussions aim to celebrate memories dear to Oakland’s natives and residents. These conversations get to the heart of intergenerational issues affecting underserved populations and help us engage in dialogue about solutions.

Check out one of our summer roundtable discussions and continue to follow our journey of collecting the personal experiences of Oakland residents.  Our next roundtable focuses on Black women and takes places on Thursday, September 3rd from 6-8:30pm. For more details, go to our website,, or contact us at . Also, ‘Like’ us " target="_blank">Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@WTOSfilm).

Much love, peace, and community from the WTOS team!