Who’s on the What?

by Featured Filmmaker Evan Pleger
downloadThing on the Beach is a short film based on a nightmare and shot entirely from the monster’s point of view.

When I pitched the idea to my peers in Entrepreneurial Producing 1, they were quite excited to tackle this fun, technically challenging, filmmaking experience and we spent the rest of the semester developing the project. As the semester came to a close, we shot our crowdfunding campaign pitch video and set out to tell the world that some THING wicked this way comes. Thing on the Beach  is a fish-out-of-water story following the struggles of an other-wordly, deep-sea creature that washes up on shore after a big storm. It battles with the elements, curious beach-goers, and its hunger to return home.

June 24th marked the launch of the Twitter and Facebook pages.

In the post, I wrote, “…Stay tuned as we’ll be trying to hit quite a few pre-production milestones in fairly short order, including our website, location scouting, casting, and our crowdfunding campaign. We shoot this fall!”

I wasn’t kidding about those milestones. That semester spent developing gave us a lot of ideas on marketing and pre-production and we spent the first part of our summer making connections and setting ourselves up to successfully approach this undertaking.

Thus far:

We’ve got the production scheduled and budgeted.
We brought on a talented special effects/make up artist to create the marvelously grotesque parts of the creature you will see in the film.
We found a director.
We’re almost done building the website.
We’ve started casting.
We hired an artist to design our poster.
We’ve talked with the San Mateo Film Commission about beach locations for us to shoot at and will soon go location scouting.
We’ve submitted a project application to our crowdfunding platform of choice, Seed & Spark (more on that in a future post).
Moving forward with updates and transparency!
I’m excited and eager to share our journey with our followers and give them a look into independent film production, social media and crowdfunding campaigning, and all of the other aspects we will be a part of to make this THING come to life. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates about our progress.