Why Macbeth?

by Featured Filmmaker L. Jeffrey Moore

22129_693299457448510_1199030649326689013_nMacbeth is one of William Shakespeare’s darkest scripts. It’s full of blood, betrayal corruption and magic. I was lucky enough to play the mad King of Scotland once in graduate school and it’s been haunting me ever since. Now my version of the Scottish play will have space travel laser guns and worm holes. In this re-telling, Macbeth goes SCI-FI!!!

First things first.  Why science fiction?  My first response is, why not?  As an independent filmmaker I hardly have nothing to lose and also I am passionate about the genre so why not give it a shot. Since the democratization of technology has potentially brought blockbuster visual effects to everyone who owns a home computer I, as the artist, have unlimited possibilities.

As I get nearer to starting my KICKSTARTER campaign you will begin to see more promotional materials to raise awareness and for people to contribute in any way they see fit.   In the meantime this is how I can use your help to help to build momentum and to raise Macbeth’s army to take the internet by storm. Also if anyone knows of an awesome Social Media manager please pass them this way
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