Getting the Band Together

by Featured Filmmaker L. Jeffrey Moore

Accessing cast and crew for an endeavor such as this (or any project) can be monumental. However when the stars align and you have a good group of filmmaker friends by your side the sky’s the limit.  For my proof of concept I have assembled my small rag tag group of bandits to pull off this heist and call it a film.  Without them this wouldn’t be possible

Director of Photography:  Mark Arellano 

Mark has seen it all he spent time in LA as a part of Mirimax’s production and development team. Production coordinator for Slamdance film festival and is currently running his company Conscious Creative with his wife Cheri where he is a hired gun for video.  Currently he is working on his own web series:  Lovers and Others

Production Designer: Christiana Bartolomey 

I was fortunate to find Christiana through craigslist and after explaining my concept for Sci-fi Macbeth she was ready to get on board. She is currently wrapping up her own short film which is a period piece called Goodbye Havana – a drama-romance set in 1950’s Cuba. Check it out here:

Visual Effects: Matthew Abaya 

Matthew was a big help in helping me bring the visual effects to life.  He has been working tirelessly on his first feature but was able to give me a few weeks to put in the final piece of this epic tale.

Lady Macbeth:  Tristan Cunningham

To visit her website and read the quotes from her performance is still not saying enough about her talent.  Tristan took the time from her busy stage career to help lend a hand as Lady Macbeth.  Tristan has performed in various theaters across the Bay Area and he can’t wait to come back to play this legendary character.

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