Super Gabby: Perseverance

by Featured Filmmaker Adrian Nava

We had our next round of filming to finish Super Gabby scheduled this weekend but about three weeks ago producer Sandra Lopez asked me if we were still going to go through with it? My answer was no because we would not be prepared in time and she agreed. Also, a couple of the cast members are unavailable so we are definitely unable to go on at this point and recasting is not an option. 3189303_orig7470064_orig (1)

So, where do we go from here? Is this the end of Super Gabby and all our efforts? Absolutely not. It’s not over yet! I am currently editing a teaser trailer using the footage we managed to shoot. The plan is to use what we have for a new crowd funding campaign, possibly for a feature film version. Our entire cast has expressed their enthusiasm and dedication to finish the film. Various people have also come forward with encouragement and support to help us. What more could we ask for?
6195316_origThere is always something new to learn and this has been an awesome learning experience for all of us. You have to face challenges with confidence and move forward. We can’t wait to release the teaser trailer! Be on the lookout for that, coming soon.

It’s all about perseverance!