Official Selection: Couch Potato Chronicles

Couch Potato Chronicles follows a television obsessed millennial as she and her family navigate the aftermath of the apocalypse.

Key Crew: Lainnie Felan, Choni Francis, Pepa Albornoz, T.J. Yoshizaki, Forrest McBride, Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal

Key Cast: Lainnie Felan, Elena Campbell- Martinez, Christopher Rivas

You can view Couch Potato Chronicles at Latinas in Cinema in San Francisco July 23rd. For the complete lineup and tickets click here.

Director: Lainnie Felan

Lainnie is known for her work on Dish (2009), The Shadows (2011) and Bullshit (2014). Films (screenplay and direction):
“I’ve just had a dream” shortfilm (2014)