Change of Heart, a film by the Pictoclik Video Club

Change of Heart is our Video Club’s first production. Pictoclik has the next wave of filmmakers making their way in the Bay Area. We are directors, producers, actors, creative types and filmmakers. Our passion is film and finding projects that represent our group dynamic.

With this film we hope to remind people that it wasn’t long ago that gay marriage was illegal and the LGBT community were second rate citizens with limited legal recourse. Through Change of Heart we will relive a moment prior to legalized marriage in the US, and the leading character Becky must overcome the limitations placed on her by society as well as make a life altering decision regarding her loved one.

Change of Heart begins with Becky, the leading character, as she rushes to the hospital after hearing that her wife has been in a near fatal accident. Upon arriving at the hospital, Becky is relieved to see that Jessica, her wife, is alive. Shortly thereafter she discovers Jessica has serious injuries and some tough decisions need to be made on her behalf. Set in 2007, pre-legalized same-sex marriage, Becky is blocked by the ‘system’ from making choices regarding her wife. She slowly realizes how powerless she is regarding these life and death decisions. The nurse on duty is the antagonist of the story and starts off very cold and despondent towards Becky. His demeanor slowly changes throughout the film as he sees the love and devotion Becky has for Jessica. This is a love story between two women who love each other deeply and are torn apart too soon.

In addition to the narrative film piece, we will conclude the film with a historical timeline of the same-sex marriage movement starting in 1970 through today. We will list organizations and many other ways to get involved in the community. This portion may include graphics, interview pieces, audio recordings, and animations.

Ways to Get Involved

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We will be hosting a fundraiser in May that will include libations, music and networking with the team.  Stay tuned for more details.