Meet the Team

We launched our first video club this March! Meet the next wave of filmmakers this quarter. 

Our mission is to unite emerging and established film industry professionals through engaging events, meetups, workshops, screenings and their annual film festival. Using this video club, we hope to cultivate the next wave of professional talent through a hands-on intensive series where the team collaborates on a film production in 3-4 months. Members come from all backgrounds in and out of the industry and together we combine our skills under the direction of film professionals to create a broadcastable, high quality film. Check out our team this quarter and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.

The Team

Roberta Renee MacIntyre, Producing 
Roberta spent most of her childhood in the Los Angeles area, before moving to Northern California to escape the chokehold of smog and crime. She has resided in the Bay Area since. Roberta has two certificates from Santa Rosa Junior College with a focus in fire science and business management, and is currently finishing her third Certificate in Digital Filmmaking. With a very successful career raising all the way to Inspector for the City of Santa Rosa she has now retired and is chasing her childhood dream of telling stories with moving pictures. Roberta has recently acquired formal training in filmmaking and has been making short films for the past couple of years.

Alan Dexter, Producing 
Alan Dexter was born and raised in Dublin, Ca, where he currently resides. He studied Radio/Television Broadcasting at Chabot College and has received Radio Certifications. Spending most of his time off soaking up rays in the great outdoors, for work Alan is in radio promotions. Andy Cohen has been Alan’s biggest inspiration for his talent in overcoming hardships and his many triumphs.

Scott Timothy Parkhurst, Producing 
Scott  grew up in the streets of Marin County, CA where he has lived since 1967. He has received many training cert’s in law enforcement, SWAT and several more classes. He studied Law Enforcement and Acting at Canada College, San Mateo CA. Though he is now retired, Scott owns a motorcycle road racing and teaching school. Scott is a public speaker in childhood trauma and many other subject matters. Scott has completed five short films in less than a year or two and have been chosen to attend various Film Festivals. he enjoys a spin on his mountain bike, acting, and drawing sketches. Motivation is his key to success!

Nicole De Meneses, Directing
Nicole was born in SF, and has lived in Pleasanton most of her life. After studying Media Arts and Animation at the Art Institute of California she received a BS in Media Arts and Animation. Day-to-day Nicole is a freelance Animator and Illustrator. A good portion of her inspiration comes from director Robert Rodriguez, as he is a director who is willing to bleed for his art. Nicole spends her days off lounging at the nearest double feature with a cold beer in the cupholder and a bag of popcorn in her hand.

Emese Foss, Directing
Emese is a BEA award winning San Francisco documentary filmmaker. She has produced, directed, edited, photographed and written documentaries on both social and historical issues that have been broadcast by the Oregon PBS stations. Emese works as Real Estate Investor during the day, and creates award winning historical documentaries in her spare time.

Christian J. Pierre, Camera and Lighting 
Christian currently resides in Livermore Ca. Christian studied a bit at Merced CC as well as Modesto Junior College. His biggest professional influence, at the moment, is his Father, whom he has watched work for 30+ years and is now retired owning his own business. Christian is  inspired by the very integrity and work ethic that his father had bestowed upon him during his childhood. His biggest notable achievements is two sons at home.

Shawna Khorasani, Camera and Lighting
Shawna is a local to San Jose, CA, where she has lived her entire life! She received an AA in English and a BA in English Literature at De Anza College and San Francisco State University. Most of her inspiration flows from all the female directors who have come before her. She spends most of her spare time catching up on her reading list and watching her favorite shows.

Yuliya Faccini, Art Department
Yuliya is originally from Kive, Ukraine. She moved to California in 1989 simply because Russia didn’t have Mac makeup nor sushi at the time. Yuliya studied Cosmetology and Real Estates at SF, Pacifica, and obtained certificates in Realty and Cosmetology. Her biggest inspiration comes from her mother, for her very successful life, and her grandmother, whom is 84 and teaches her every day what willpower does for one.

Irina Kislyuk, Art Department
Irina was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and has lived in San Francisco for 28 years. After studying Fashion Design in Kiev, she packed up her children and moved to the Bay Area. Irina enjoys her time outdoors, hanging out and making memories with her family. She also enjoys sewing, dancing, and hiking beautiful trails!