Early 20th century. Saint Petersburg. A boy and a girl meet at the Tsarskoselsky railway station, but get separated a few moments later. As they grow up, the two walk the same streets of Petersburg. However, only twenty years later the mystical connection which emerged between them in childhood, brings these young people back to the place where they had first met.

Key Crew: Alexandra Averyanova, Olga Agrafenina

You can view Shades of Gray at Women in Cinema in San Francisco July 29th. For the complete lineup and tickets click here.

During 1991-1996 she studied at Herzsen State Pedagogical University of Russia in Saint-Petersburg. Since 1998 she was working at animation studio “Melnitsa”. As a background artist she took part in the following projects: “Adventures in the Emerald City”, “Technology Series”, “Bears-Rescuers”(on Poseidon Film Distribution’s order).

From 2000 to 2004 she worked as an artistic director on “The Dwarf’s Nose” feature-length animation project. Since 2005 Aleksandra worked as animatik maker, animator and layout artist at computer animation studio “Petersburg”. As a director she worked for various cartoon series, such as “Smeshariki” (“GoGoRiki” in USA, “Kikoriki” in UK and ‘Chicorichi” in Italy). Her episodes are: “Lost Apologies”, “Elixir of Youth”, “Ice-Hockey”, “Coach”, “Oh, The Grateful One”, “Sandwich”, “Paired Macramé”, “Australia”, “Milky Bet”, “Monologues” and others. Aleksandra also worked as a director on series “Alphabet of Safety”: “Uncultured cars”, “Impatient Drivers”, “Who Is Quicker”. Serial “Alphabet of Health”: “If You Want To Be Healthy”, “Bitter Taste of Health”, “Who Needs Daily Physical”. Serial “Alphabet of Tolerance”: “Cauldron Doesn’t Play”, “Who To Whom”, “Fly Isn’t a Worm”, “The Best Season of a Year”, “Moral”, “Act of Bravery”. Serial “Smeshariki: “Spartakiad”, “Marmadyuk”, “The Real Bear”, “Nyusha and a Bear”, “Absolute Hearing”, “To Whom To Laugh”, “Duel”, “Great Plans”, “Sophisticated Mechanism of Post”, “Elixir of Adulthood”. Serial “PIN Code”: “Something”, “Meta-Pumpkin”, “Treasurer”. Serial “Phiksiki”: episode “Compass”.