OFFICIAL SELECTION – About Want and Need

Since Will has lost his wife his relationships are completely moribund. Now he tries to get over his loss by projecting his problems onto Gertrude, his bird. But the new relationship does not seem to result in any improvements. Will projects his fears onto the helpless bird that just doesn’t seem to be open for this kind of mental training.


Key Cast: Steve Hudson, Louis Friedemann Thiele

Key Crew: Sarah Heinrich, Liv Scharbatke, Tobias Müller, Hanna Binswanger, Nicole Rothermel, Carol Ratajczak, Alexander Richter, Tim Markgraf, Sebastian Zeeden, Elias Kremer, Kiana Naghshineh


You can view About Want and Need at Cinema Preview in San Francisco August 25th. For the complete lineup and tickets click here.






Sarah Heinrich, born 29.01.1985 in Kaiserslautern, began her career as a hairdresser to get closer to the desired profession as a theater makeup artist. Along the way, she discovered her love for puppets and finally for Character Animation. After a one-year internship at the Berlin postproduction company FX Factory she began her studies at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in 2010.
From puppet animation and hand drawn animation she finally arrived in the world of 3D animated films, where she has been now for 5 years.
She allways followed her passion for expressing emotions, acting and gestures.
With attention to detail, she completed her studies with her diploma film “About Want And Need”.

Director Statement

“About Want and Need is a story about loss and the art of letting go. There are many strange and abstruse ways to deal with a loss. Instead of going to therapy himself, Will prefers to treat his pet chicken Gertrude.

Good material to turn it into a short animation in which I can focus on acting and character animation.”