A depressed man decides his life would be easier if he listened to the infomercials and replaced his brain with refried beans.

Key Crew: Eddie Hustleby, Alexandra Marske, Kelcey Lorenzo, Andy Fronczak, Haley Reed, Kaitlyn Ryan, Jennifer Chan

Key Cast: Billy Ward, Michelle Gernon, Tyson Prince, Paul Green

You can view Black Communion at Cinema Preview in San Francisco August 26th. For the complete lineup and tickets click here.






Eddie Hustleby is a writer, actor and filmmaker who has completed both fiction and non-fiction films. He has a love for challenging media and humor as a means of self-defense.

Black Communion is a strangely personal film, that takes a non-literal approach to many of the problems people face as they learn to adapt and change to better exist within the communities they inhabit. The production of the film was especially satisfying to me because my friends and classmates who helped create it really believed in it from the beginning to the end and put in more hours than I ever could have asked for to make the film as great as possible. This meant a lot to me, considering it was a non-typical film, that took a lot of risks and (I hope) challenged the type of student films currently being made.