Official Selection – Chocolate

A suburban housewife and mother suddenly finds herself vulnerable, homeless and lost in downtown Los Angeles.A universal story of love and human connection, Chocolate delves into the heartbreaking issue of Eve (Piercey Dalton), a mother who is suddenly separated from her daughter due to the unforgiving nature of early onset Alzheimer’s. Alone, lost and vulnerable in the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, she struggles to find her way home until a trigger brings the past into full view.

Chocolate is proudly endorsed by Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles and is qualified for the 2017 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Live Action Short Film category.

You can view Chocolate at our 5th annual Pictoclik Film Festival in San Francisco November 11th. For the complete lineup and tickets click here.
About the Director
Thiago Dadalt is the award-winning writer, producer, and director of Chocolate. He started his film career producing and directing stage plays in his home country of Brazil before launching his first short film, The Postman, in 2007 at the age of 22. He previously directed numerous content pieces for Unilever and Mercedes Benz. His other credits include Life on a Leash, On My Way and 2nd Time Around to name a few. Thiago now resides in Los Angeles. He has been won many awards this year (2017) across the USA and around the world, including Best Director, Best Drama and many others with his latest project Chocolate.