What past attendees have said

“Packed with lots of valuable info!” -DS (Film Intensive Series)

“I liked how detailed and concise the presentation was – great rundown on the best resources for Bay Area actors looking to find an agent/manager/headshots.” -GC (Film Intensive Series)

“I learned so much about networking and marketing and made some meaningful connections. I wish I went to this presentation when I was still in school.” -JL (Get on Set)

“Was really helpful for me who’s new and trying to start things here.” -AC (Get on Set)

“”This was the most helpful workshop I’ve been to so far. It was very informative but not so much to the point where I was overwhelmed.” -SK (Get on Set)

“Direct, to the point, easy to follow, competent advice.” -DB (Start a Production Company)

“A lot of detail, personalized approach, creative.” – YP (Start a Production Company)

“There were a lot of resources and helpful information.” -SK(Start a Production Company)