Official Selection – Women in Cinema

7:30 Program

We are very honored to be celebrating our 4th annual Women in Cinema showcase. These films from around the world feature leading ladies on and off the screen in key positions. In the past, we’ve screened 6-8 short films at this event. This year, we are excited to announce we’ll be showcasing 13 films from around the world. We’ve broken up the showcase into two programs to accommodate the increase in films. There will be a 5:30p program and a 7:30p program on Sunday, August 26th, 2018. At the end of each program, we will conclude with a Q&A with the Filmmakers in attendance. Those with stamina can join us at the after-party at a nearby location for libations and networking.


The Ties That Bind

An infertile woman in 1960 Taiwan tries to save her family by letting her husband sleep with and impregnate her twin sister. The baby their coupling produces, however, might only serve to drive the family further apart.

CREW: Bruce Hsin-Ta Chiu, Mario Mastromarino, Assata Jackson, Bill Piyatut H.
CAST: Eon Song, Alvin Lam, Gloria Ho


As a man faces the reality of his wife’s dementia, he must decide whether to hold on to his guilt or let her go.

CREW: Molly Vernon, Derek J. Samms, Larry McKee
CAST: David Matranga, Celeste Roberts, Greg Dean



In 2038, where driving becomes banned, two siblings rebel against the government to save their family’s most precious thing: their car.

CREW: Manuela Vasquez, Laura Fernanda, Julian Bueno, Laura Fernanda
CAST: Jhonny Rey Diaz, Ania Catherine, Isabelle Ruthstrom, Gretar Gardarsson

Annabelle Crane

ANNABELLE CRANE is the story of a novelist who searches for inspiration at a writer’s retreat, Blackpoint Manor. As isolation, obsession and anxiety take over, her experiences at Blackpoint may unravel her forever.

CREW: Wyatt Lake, Daniel Hynes, Jalen Marcus, Payne Cowley, Sol Ye, Adam Hull, Sara Korajczck
CAST: Laura Campbell, James Neal, Don Lake


Upon finding her beloved Grams dead, Scarlet must unravel truths about Grams torrid past in order to carry on her legacy.

CREW: Maja Aro, Jeffery Aro, Louisa Phung
CAST: Eva Bourne, Aleks Paunovic, Gabrielle Rose, Ty Olsson



‘Maggie’ is a family drama about a woman named Linda, who has recently become the stepmother of an overly imaginative little girl named Maggie. Linda’s goal is to be accepted as Maggie’s mother, despite Maggie’s tendency to rebel and embarrass her by carrying around a strange homemade doll.

CREW: Lindsay Kampenhout, Dhane Taylor