Official Selection – Stationary

After a traumatic event, Rose (25), an enigmatic young woman, decides to flee her hometown and to start over in a new city. She is convinced that this is the only way to escape her traumatic past. In London, she tries to rebuild her life while denying her own unhappiness. However, an encounter with her mysterious neighbor, Ryan (26) will turn her world upside down.

Rose is coming back from work when she runs into Ryan. He invites her to spend the evening together. There is something familiar about him. After some hesitation she accepts, not knowing what this night will do to her.

Despite his many attempts to get to know her, Rose appears very secretive when it comes to herself. Without giving up, Ryan takes her to a secret place.

Ryan gets more and more intrusive. Rose starts to get scared when Ryan succeeds to read her mind. His questions make her doubt her own decisions. He tries to make her realize how unhappy she is with her life and how important it is for her to go back home. This is the only way she can face her demons once and for all.

Will it be enough to make her reconsider her choices? And why Ryan, a perfect stranger, is trying so hard to save her?

Key Crew: Jeanne Boyé, Kikki Strupat, Shaun Rhodes

Key Cast: Sonya Cullingford, Joshua Hayes

You can view Stationary at our 4th annual Women in Cinema in San Francisco August 26th. For the complete lineup and tickets click here.
About the Director

Jeanne is a French filmmaker. Since a young age she is fascinated by the cinema and passionate about the film industry. By practicing theatre for several years and getting a lot of directions when it came to acting, she developed a natural sense of how to work with actors.

After she was accepted by the University of Westminster in 2014, she moved to London and attended the Film and Television Production course. During the course she directed a second end of year short film, which confirmed her desire of becoming a director. She also showed great interest in screenwriting during her studies and explored this field further in depth with different courses. In 2017, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

Meanwhile she completed two internships in French award-wining production companies: Sombrero Films and Delante Productions. These companies enhanced her knowledge of the film industry and she gained a better comprehension of the making of a film.

Furthermore, she created her own projects outside of university and participated in film festivals such as the 99 Fire Films Award Competition. This competition requires a creation of a 99 second film, written, directed and produced in 99 hours. Experiences such as the 99 Fire Films Award taught her rigorousness with in her work and how to work under stress.

In her films Jeanne wants to convey strong emotions by depicting « the humans » and the world they are surrounded by.

Stationary is a project she holds close to her heart. The story resumes around human psychology and emotions, which she cares about deeply.