2018 Pictoclik Film Festival line up

We are very honored to be celebrating our 6th annual Pictoclik Film Festival. Join us on the red carpet November 3rd at Delancey Street Theater in San Francisco and watch as emerging and established filmmakers from around the world compete in a friendly challenge to see who will take home the Audience Choice Award. Doors open at 6:15p for red carpet photos and seating. At the end of the program there will be a Q&A session with the attending filmmakers and a brief award ceremony. Those with stamina are free to join us for libations and conversation at the after party.

Warning: content may contain violent scenes, nudity, and profanity. Must be 18+ to attend.

Date: Saturday, November 3rd

The Venue: Delancey Street Theater 600 Embarcadero (where King st and Embarcadero meet next to At&t park)

Program Lineup

“The Anthem of Our Souls” Jahmal Holland | Drama
“Couch Potato Chronicles Season 2” Lainnie Felan | Comedy
“AINHOA” Iván Sáinz-Pardo | Drama
“Me Too Tony Paulley | Drama
“The Butter Knife” Eshaana Sheth | Comedy
“Stay Brown” Adrian Nava | Documentary
“Cake Day” Joshua Choran | Drama



The Anthem of our Souls

Cast: Joshua Barker, Ramona Be, Patricia Deanna, Lejon Eason, Britton Hein, Michael McClelland
Crew: Jahmal Holland, True Milliner, PeQue Brown

In the summer of 2017, LIQUID Arts and Productions LLC completed a film and community mural in the city of Watts, California, for a project titled The Anthem of Our Souls.
The Anthem of Our Souls is a film which combines the creative process of a community collaborative mural, with stories depicting the issues on the hearts of the collaborators.
The stories arise from individual experiences, community concerns and reflections on cultural history. As the film winds through the mural’s creation, many of the artists and contributors involved lead us through individual vignettes, which provide a closer look into the profoundly personal concerns and experiences which inspired the art.Instead of “Talking Head” interviews, the storytellers use poetry, song, drama and rap to communicate the film’s points of view.  BUY TICKETS

Cake Day

Cast: Natalie Bonner
Crew: Joshua Choran, Kevin Wayne, Jason O’Brien

One young woman’s candid start to her day opens up to reveal a personal piece of her past that has carried over to the present. BUY TICKETS

The Butter Knife

Cast: Shalini Bathina, Daniel Halden
Crew: Eshaana Sheth, Sean Cruser

A young British man and American woman navigate misunderstandings on a first date that takes a bizarre turn. BUY TICKETS

Me Too

Cast: Ayeshah Rose, Tony Paulley, Ellen Westberg, John Boychuk
Crew: Ayeshah Rose, Tony Paulley

A young vibrant, aspiring artist, who thrives on chance, puts her absolute all into auditioning to a panel of producers and a casting director for a rare opportunity for a part in a film. A moment in time to fight for this job, to prove she is talented, attractive and good enough to be noticed. Amongst the situational tension, it seems her dramatic and genuine depth of a performance may not be enough to stand out in hope of securing a role. She knows what she must do. She understands what is expected of her. What extremes must women go to for an opportunity to have an opportunity? BUY TICKETS

Stay Brown

Cast: Adrian Nava
Crew: Adrian Nava, Sandra Lopez

Stay Brown is about a larger-than-life former lowrider named Che from the Mission District of San Francisco. His persona and old school lifestyle inspired the character Che Rivera played by childhood friend and actor Benjamin Bratt (Coco, The Infiltrator) in the 2009 indie film “La Mission,” written and directed by brother Peter Bratt (Follow Me Home, Dolores). BUY TICKETS

Couch Potato Chronicles Season 2

Cast: Lainnie Felan, Alejandro Patino, Elena Campbell-Martinez, Christopher Rivas
Crew: Annique Arredondo, Lainnie Felan, Ken Pulgar-Vidal, Amanda N. Adams, Wade Patterson

Latinx Millennial Zuraya Cruz dives deeper into her television obsession, more clues are revealed about the cause of the apocalypse, while the Cruz family fights to survive in the expansive forest, where unexpected surprises lurk around every corner. BUY TICKETS


Cast: Aurelia Schikarsky, Josean bengoetxea, Fele Martinez, Natalia Mateo, Gorka Aguinagalde
Crew: Ivan Sainz-Pardo, Aitor Arenas

Ainhoa is 9 years old and she has left home, bringing only her school bag and a Playmobil.
“Ainhoa is a story that, instead of trying to put children to sleep, tries to wake up the adults.” BUY TICKETS