Pictoclik’s mission is to unite filmmakers across the nation and “Connect one filmnation!” We want to keep our own creative resources confident in the idea that there is a place for a new supportive community in filmmaking. We would also like to play a role in bridging the gap between budding filmmakers and established industry professionals by providing a distribution outlet through our annual short film festival. This in turn will eventually bring more opportunities to unite artists to work with one another and keep the community productive and accessible.

About Us

Pictoclik is a collective for filmmakers, talent and movie lovers alike. Founded in 2012, our goal is to unite  emerging and established industry professionals through fun and engaging events, workshops, screenings and our annual film festival.

We are team of passionate individuals that believe in community and the collective wealth of ideas. The Bay is a wonderful place conducive for innovative and creative possibilities. We also want to provide filmmakers and talent with a dependable foundation. Our board members and creative team are a band of talented established industry professionals that genuinely want see more creative collaboration. Most of all, we believe in others capabilities. We are artists, filmmakers, advertising and marketing professionals; together, we plan to build a foundation that unites filmmakers and get more people to actively join and participate in the process.


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Board members

IMG_3206Alex Palacios

Founder and Vice President of Creative Strategy 

New Jersey born and raised in Puerto Rico, Alex spent her early years at the University of Puerto Rico studying communications. There she also started a romance with graphic arts and photography as she began work at the UPR TV Station and at GDC Studios where she realized the camera and computer were her favorite tools to engage with artistically. Soon enough, the new media social revolution exploded; every agency and start up in California was developing brilliant experiments within the web and this became a primary interest to Alex. This is the key moment when she decided to move to San Francisco to pursue a MA in New Media at the Academy of Art. Shortly after graduation she began working as a visual designer at Fluid Inc. Her role has evolved to creative strategist and now offers creative and strategic direction to teams of designer developing digital experiences for a variety of brands. These brands include: The North Face, Oakley, Fresh Step, and Gymboree.

David Bacon

Board Member

David Bacon got his start in LA as an actor in his 20’s. After years of being on set as talent, he forged friendships with Directors and DPs. One in particular, an award winning Director of Photography and owner of “Light Hollywood” Tim Otholt, took David under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of production, camera and the lighting world. Through Mr. Otholt, David was able to work along side some very talented people in film & television commercials, never taking it for granted and learning all he could.