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The Rage is a psychological thriller about relationships and the choices we make when we are angry

Crew: Alrik Bursell

Cast: L. Jeffrey MooreSophia LaPagliaGretta Sosine

You can view The Rage at our 5th annual Pictoclik Film Festival in San Francisco November 11th. For the complete lineup and tickets click here.

About the Director

A Berkeley native with over 10 years of video production experience, Alrik Bursell is a veritable encyclopedia of film and video knowledge. After graduating from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Radio and Television, Alrik moved back and forth from working on feature films, local commercial video shoots and network television sets. In between set jobs, Alrik kept a steady flow of corporate, documentary and life style projects churning, honing his craft in shooting, editing and simply telling a story.

Over the years, he perfected his talents in a number of production positions, from shooting, sound recording, assistant camera, grip and as a producer. He has also worked with every hot camera under the sun, from the Red MX, Scarlet and Epic, Arri Alexa, Panasonic and Sony Broadcast and consumer cameras, DSLR’s and the new Canon c300.

Splitting his time between LA and the Bay Area, Alrik is focusing on his creative aspirations, writing, producing, editing and shooting projects while he strives to tell stories and achieve his creative and professional goals.

Official Selection – Chocolate

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A suburban housewife and mother suddenly finds herself vulnerable, homeless and lost in downtown Los Angeles.A universal story of love and human connection, Chocolate delves into the heartbreaking issue of Eve (Piercey Dalton), a mother who is suddenly separated from her daughter due to the unforgiving nature of early onset Alzheimer’s. Alone, lost and vulnerable in the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, she struggles to find her way home until a trigger brings the past into full view.

Chocolate is proudly endorsed by Alzheimer’s Greater Los Angeles and is qualified for the 2017 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Live Action Short Film category.

Official Selection – Girl Knight

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Sixteen-year-old ISABEL is not your ordinary knight. She clanks around her lonely life trapped in her own armor until she meets DELILAH, a goth princess, in detention at school. Edging around each other at first, these two wounded souls learn to love by finding the courage to let their guard down.

Official Selection – Stray Animals

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Olivia and Arthur spend their days away from home. They walk around the condominium, listen to music and dream of somewhere far away. The day Olivia discovers a stray cat in the woods is the first step into a journey of loss of innocence.

Official Selection – The Tyranny of Distance

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Fifteen years of civil war in Liberia has resulted in one of the world’s worst doctor shortages and cut off the country’s rural poor from basic healthcare. Community health workers trained and equipped by the non-profit Last Mile Health are working to deliver lifesaving health services to the 1.2 million Liberians living in the most remote reaches of the country.