Official Selection – I Am Borderline: Self-Regulation Project

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poster-i_am_borderline I Am Borderline uses the experience of multiple characters to portray
the realities and struggles of living with borderline personality disorder (BPD).
BPD is one of the most stigmatized and wildly misunderstood mental health
disorders, this film aims to help increase awareness, decrease stigma,
and create empathy and understanding for the BPD community.
A psychotherapist at Wright Institute Los Angeles, this is Betsy Usher’s directorial debut. Along side cinematographer Thom Kuo, I Am Borderline, hopes to create a positive change in the BPD community.

Key Crew: Betsy Usher, Thom Kuo, Doug Usher, Tommy Dill & Lily and the Lion, Jared Pecht, Dina Goldman, Brant Anderson, Michele Gomes

Key Cast: Jeff D’Agostino, Lucy Walsh, Josh Goldman, Danielle Keaton, Amanda Gardner

You can view I Am Borderline: Self-Regulation Project at the 4th annual Pictoclik Film Festival in San Francisco Nov. 5th. For the complete lineup and tickets click here.

headshot-1015901_4601732376376_1452499373_oDr. Betsy Usher (Writer/Director/Producer)

Director and writer, Dr. Betsy Usher is a clinical psychologist at Wright Institute Los Angeles, specializing in borderline personality disorder and other mental health issues. Recently, Dr. Usher has taken on writing and directing short films in order to bring more awareness on mental health issues to the community. Dr.Usher’s directorial debut, “I Am Borderline: Self-Regulation Project” won Art With Impacts June 2016 mental health film competition. Since then, “I Am Borderline” has been admitted into numerous film festivals including: Awareness Film Festival: Los Angeles, REEL Recovery Film Festival: New York, Los Angeles CineFest, Monkey Bread Film Fest, Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival, and Voiceless International Film Festival. Dr. Usher is currently working on a short film “The Voices of Warriors” a film based on sexual assault against women.

In association with Wright Institute Los Angeles

 Pictoclik’s 4th Annual Film Festival

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“Balloon” Vis Vitalis | Thriller Suspense
“Milkmaid” Agnes Baginska | Horror Suspense
“First Love” Danish Renzu | Drama Romance
“No.16, Da An Road” Joanne Lin | Animation
“The Slum Dwellers” Gabriel Diamond | Documentary
“I am Borderline: Self-Regulation Project” Betsy Usher | Drama
“Right Here or Over There” Pauline Mabille | Drama
“Jewish Blind Date” Anaelle Morf | Romance Comedy
“The Man from Death” Eric Lim | Action Adventure
“I’m Another One” Tony Paulley | Documentary

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Cinema Preview: October Short Horror Night

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Cinema Preview
Second Act Theater October 20th 2016

Pictoclik and Second Act presents Cinema Preview, a monthly screening featuring long form shorts & feature films from around the world. Includes Q&A with the filmmakers.

This month Cinema Preview showcases short horror films.


A serial killer underestimates his next victim and learns the true meaning of love.

By local San Jose Filmmaker Joann Perez-Moya.



A photographer who is obsessed with a string of serial murders begins to have recurring dreams about the prime suspect.

A short film by Tsubasa Matsumoto. Born and raised in Japan. Tsubasa’s passion for film started growing after he acted as an extra for an independent film in 9th grade. He moved to the U.S. to pursue his study in filmmaking, and recently concentrating on cinematography and directing. Winner of Critic’s Choice Award at Yokohama Film Festival 2012, 2nd Best Picture, Best Cinematography, SMN Special Award at All Japan High School Film Festival 2010.

Tickets: Regular Price $10 | At the door $15

Cinema Preview: Elijah’s Ashes

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Cinema Preview
Second Act Theater August 18th 2016

Pictoclik and Second Act presents Cinema Preview, a monthly screening featuring long form shorts & feature films from around the world. Includes Q&A with the filmmakers.

This month Cinema Preview showcases Ryan Barton-Grimley’s second feature as a director and first time as a lead in his own feature film. His background in comedy includes training at the Upright Citizens Brigade, Groundlings and Nerdist. Elijah’s Ashes explores sibling relationships and homophobia in an unapologetic and darkly comic way.

Fall & Winter Line Up
8/18 7pm Elijah’s Ashes
9/15 7pm Cape Espichel- In Land of a Lost World / Nicaragua United States of America Musicians 2015
10/20 7pm Short Film Horror preview
12/15 7pm 1-800-Jackets

Regular Price $15 | At the door $20

EAposter_laurelsquotesElijah’s Ashes August 18th 7pm

Lawrence Shaw is a run of the mill guy who just can’t get accepted for being who he is. He’s not straight enough for his job where he sells testosterone fueled ad campaigns to beer companies and he’s not stereotypically gay enough for his boyfriend. To make things worse, his father Elijah just died and his last dying wish was for Lawrence to go on a road trip with his extremely homophobic half-brother Kevin to bury his ashes. It’s a heroically dumb journey of brotherly love and acceptance that begs the age old question… Can you truly accept someone else when you can’t even accept yourself?

Photo 1 alright-guys-lets-have-fun-wait-how-does-this-thing-work_24326150270_oPhoto 3 hey-were-happy-lead-actors-in-a-movie-that-we-wrote_23993533494_oPhoto 4 ice-buckets-holding-up-the-coffin-real-classy-guys_23993534244_o