2018 Season Pass

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Our 2018 season will include quarterly mixers, exclusive Member-only events, two showcases and our annual Pictoclik Film Festival. Sign up for our Season Pass and start enjoying the perks of being a member of Pictoclik!






Includes 2 complimentary tickets to the following events:

  • Quarterly Mixers (Summer/Fall/Winter)
  • 2 tickets to Battle of the Film Schools (fall)
  • 2 VIP tickets to Women in Cinema (summer)
  • 2 VIP tickets to 6th annual Pictoclik Film Festival (fall)
  • Members-Only Events

2018 Season Pass $150 Buy Now (total value $250)


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What past attendees have said

“Packed with lots of valuable info!” -DS (Film Intensive Series)

“I liked how detailed and concise the presentation was – great rundown on the best resources for Bay Area actors looking to find an agent/manager/headshots.” -GC (Film Intensive Series)

“I learned so much about networking and marketing and made some meaningful connections. I wish I went to this presentation when I was still in school.” -JL (Get on Set)

“Was really helpful for me who’s new and trying to start things here.” -AC (Get on Set)

“”This was the most helpful workshop I’ve been to so far. It was very informative but not so much to the point where I was overwhelmed.” -SK (Get on Set)

“Direct, to the point, easy to follow, competent advice.” -DB (Start a Production Company)

“A lot of detail, personalized approach, creative.” – YP (Start a Production Company)

“There were a lot of resources and helpful information.” -SK(Start a Production Company)

Kick off the New Year

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Start the new year off doing what you love! Workshops designed for freelancers, emerging filmmakers and talent. Drop in for a workshop, or two, or series. Check out our in-person and online workshop lineup for the year.

Feminist Filmmaker

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By Nicole De Meneses

Self proclaimed feminist filmmaker Valerie Weiss is passionate about telling stories, pushing boundaries and empowering women to find their voice. Her curiosity as a scientist allowed her to achieve a PhD from Harvard Medical School in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology but it was her curiosity about exploring human behavior that has spawned a successful film and television career. Her film credits include “Losing Control,“ “The Light Beneath Their Feet,” and “The Archer.” Some of her television credits include “Chicago Med”, “Suits” and “Scandal”. She consciously chooses to tell stories about women in transition facing adversarial forces in society. Valerie Weiss is a filmmaker on a mission and on the rise.