Our Women’s Roundtable Finale

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by featured filmmaker Lyndsay Ellis

WTOS is thrilled to host our last Black Women’s Roundtable discussion on Tuesday, October 6th at 475 38th Street (right down the street from MacArthur BART Station) from 6:30-8:30pm. As this is a potluck event, come with a tasty dish and ready to engage in heart-filled dialogue about socioecomonic issues affecting females with ties to the African Diaspora. Don’t miss out!

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Lost in the Sun

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“Lost in the Sun”
A mystery thriller feature film. Currently in post production.  

Key Crew: Dave Moutray, Joe Daman, Marcus Sams

Key Cast: Annabella Mineghino, Adrian Deane, Marcus Sams, Livia Demarchi, Jennifer Vo Le, Dan Bernstein, Daniel Sullivan

Synopsis: Lost in the Sun is a coming-of-age story about Dawn, a Napa Valley teen fresh off her high school graduation and about to set out for college. Days from starting her new life away from her rural upbringing, she gets a strange text from her estranged sister and goes looking for her in San Francisco.

But in a city bigger, stranger than anything she’s ever experienced, Dawn finds something beyond her sheltered imagination: her sister is involved with a cult of sungazers who’ve found a darker side to the sun.



Post Production Update September 2015

Super Gabby

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“Super Gabby”
A family adventure short film. Currently in principal photography.  

Key Crew: Adrian Nava, Veronica Salas, Sandra Lopez, Edgar Luzanilla

Key Cast: Jocelyn Pearl, Camille Werder, Karen Karatz Gonzalez, Denver Russell

Synopsis: Super Gabby is a family adventure about Gabriela Espinoza, a ten year old Mexican American girl, who dreams of being a super heroine like her comic book hero, Scorpion Girl, but first she must discover where true power comes from when she reluctantly decides to stand up to a pair of bullies and take back the local park.



Perseverance  August 2015

Production Continues August 2015