Connecting filmmakers  and talent through events, screenings, workshops and our annual film festival!

Fall Series
Sept 21st-Nov 30th
Pictoclik 730 Commercial St


Workshops for emerging filmmakers, freelancers, talent and those interested in the industry.

Learn how to fund your film projects, get on set, find work, start a production company, find the perfect monologue, build a character, start a YouTube channel and more.

Network After Work Film Mixer
Tuesday September 19th 6:30pm-8:30pm 
Pictoclik 730 Commercial St


Find out what events we have planned this year, get involved with our video or actor club, share your projects and ideas, get industry advice and meet like-minded people.



Pictoclik 5th Annual Film Festival
November 2017

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Join us on the red carpet and watch films from around the world battle it out for official bragging rights and trophies.