Connecting filmmakers  and talent through events, screenings, workshops and our annual film festival!



Network After Work Film Mixer
Wed. April 5th, 6pm-8:30pm La Trappe

Note: March 1st has been cancelled due to issues with flooding at the location.

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Find out what events we have planned this year, share your projects and ideas, get industry advice and meet like-minded people. Happy hour food and drink specials!

Video Club Launch Party
Sat. March 5th, 12pm-2pm Shelton Theater

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Learn all about our Video Club at our launch party and get involved this quarter.



Battle of the Film School Shorts
Spring 2017

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Join us for an afternoon of short films from around the world as they battle it out for official bragging rights and trophies.


pitch_fest_fbcover_01_actor thumbPitch Tank: Actor Edition
Spring 2017

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Five to fifteen actors will get to audition in front of industry professionals, get professional feedback and have a chance to win film and acting workshops, headshot packages and free stylist consultations to refine your professional image.  Those attending the event will see live auditions, get to vote for their favorite actors, and walk around tables featuring talent related resources.

Cinema Preview
Summer 2017

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A three day preview of long form shorts & feature films from around the world. Includes Q&A with the filmmakers.


Women In Cinema Showcase
Summer 2017

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Join us for an evening to celebrate women in cinema on and off the screen.


Pictoclik 5th Annual Film Festival
Fall  2017

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Join us on the red carpet and watch films from around the world battle it out for official bragging rights and trophies.