Pitch Tank: Filmmaker Edition 2017

Have a film idea? Then enter your idea to Pitch Tank: Filmmaker Edition for a chance to win $1500.

Ten to fifteen filmmakers will get to pitch their films to industry professionals, get professional feedback and have a chance to win money for their next film project.

*Must be at least 18 years of age.
*Must be an original idea and can be in any stage of production.
*Project length minimum 1 minute to 160 minutes.
*The ten to fifteen runners-up must be present in person or stream in via Skype at the one-day event in San Francisco CA to be awarded any prizes.
*Official Terms and Conditions

Awards & Prizes
*Ten(10) to fifteen (15) Runners Up will win official bragging rights and official award medal.
*Grand Prize: A check for $1500 to fund a film project, Pictoclik promotional sponsorship for 2018 and a chance to be screened at a Pictoclik showcase in 2019.

Quick Q&A
*Can I still do a crowdfunding campaign or seek outside sources of money? Absolutely, this is just another way to get funding for your project.
*What if the project is in post production? No problem, the funds can be used towards finishing funds or for any stage in production. 

*Additional question, email Pictoclik at

Early Bird registration (Jan. 10th, 2019- Feb 20th, 2019) cost $20
Regular registration (Feb 21st, 2019- July 1st, 2019) cost $30
Extended registration (July 1st, 2019- Oct 7th, 2019) cost $40