Our workshops focus on different stages in video production, behind-the-scene industry knowledge and more. These workshops cater to novices and intermediate experienced industry folks in quick two to four hour courses. Check out class pass for year-round access to workshops, or if you are looking for more hands on immersive style workshops, check out our video club.

“Packed with lots of valuable info!” -DS (Film Intensive Series)

“I liked how detailed and concise the presentation was – great rundown on the best resources for Bay Area actors looking to find an agent/manager/headshots.” -GC (Film Intensive Series)

“I learned so much about networking and marketing and made some meaningful connections. I wish I went to this presentation when I was still in school.” -JL (Get on Set)

“Was really helpful for me who’s new and trying to start things here.” -AC (Get on Set)

“”This was the most helpful workshop I’ve been to so far. It was very informative but not so much to the point where I was overwhelmed.” -SK (Get on Set)

“Direct, to the point, easy to follow, competent advice.” -DB (Start a Production Company)

“A lot of detail, personalized approach, creative.” – YP (Start a Production Company)

“There were a lot of resources and helpful information.” -SK(Start a Production Company)

San Francisco Workshops

All In-person workshops location: 730 Commercial St, SF CA
Classes are small and designed to fit the level of all the participants involves.
Intensives cover a lot of work in a short period of time, participants can bring in an existing project or use one of ours.

**Sorry no refunds for our workshops. If you are unable to attend you may transfer to another workshop. 

Workshop Descriptions 

Actor Series: Monologues/ Creating a Character/ On-Camera Basics
A series of workshops focusing on selecting the right monologue, finding monologues, becoming a character, breaking down a character, on-camera basics, basic blocking and more.

Start a Production Company
Looking to start a production company? Learn what you need to start the business, how to grow your business and scale based off projects. This workshop is an overview of basic start up info, marketing techniques and resources, sales, art of networking and building through word of mouth and more.

Intro to Film 
Learn the basics of film in this two hour overview. This workshop covers roles & responsibilities, credits, IMDB, film resources, film groups, unions vs non union and more.

Actor Intensive Comedy/ Movement/ Character
Learn basic comedy structure, techniques, building characters, movement on stage and free form movement.

Actor Series: Podcasting/ Voiceover/ YouTube
A series of workshops focusing on voice over warm up exercises, character voices, interviewing people, hosting, starting a podcast, starting a YouTube channel, building your audience and marketing yourself through social media.

Stylized looks/ Cinematic choices/ Lighting Design
This workshop discusses different stylized looks and how to pair with lights and camera, how to create similar looks within a budget.

Get on Set, Find Jobs and more Workshop
Learn how to get jobs in the Bay Area, art of networking, resume review and more. This class is a must for freelancers, graduating students and people new to the industry.

Business for Freelancers
A preliminary workshop for freelancers looking to build their business as a freelancer. This is the stepping stone between freelancing full time before starting a production company. Includes marketing techniques, outreach, social media overview and more aggressive outreach techniques.

Funding your Film Project
Wondering if you should crowdfund or go the traditional route? How to build a successful crowdfunding campaign and more.

Advanced Start a Production Company
This is a follow up workshop to Start a Production Company. The focus will be exclusively on sales outreach, cold calling, setting meetings, closing and outreach plan overview.

Directing the Actors 
This workshop will include actors to direct and see the outcome of your choices, includes scene table reads from participants projects and examples.

Casting and hiring crew 
This workshop covers basic casting resources, industry techniques for auditions, how to negotiate with agents, SAG vs Non Union casting, hiring resources for crew, contracts, negotiations, and best practices.

Principal Photography Paperwork part 1 
This workshop covers basic shot lists, overhead maps, using the production notebook, licensing, how to motivate your team, craft services, meals, Union and Non Union paperwork, and  how to run a smooth production.

Principal Photography Paperwork part 2 
This workshop covers extras, image releases, locations, basic makeup, difference between special effects makeup and regular, wardrobe, set direction, set dressing, art direction, returns, and more.

Post production 
This workshop industry resources, overview of editing platforms, editing basics, additional software, color correction and audio resources.

Polished look/ Packaging/ Marketing 
This workshop covers creating marketing materials for your film, press kits, industry resources, websites and basic selling techniques.

Festivals and Distribution 
This workshop covers the festival circuit, basic distribution local and international, selling your film, producer rep, manager, and more.

Choosing a Script/ Treatments/ Key Crew 
This workshop discusses what to look for when picking a script, how to do a quick budget assessment of the script, creating a treatment based of the script and picking the right key crew members for your project.

Pre-production overview
This workshop discusses budgeting your project, basic production overview, troubleshooting, casting and talent resources, local resources, permitting and more.

Pre-production book part 1
In this workshop, participants will be making a production notebook based off the scope of their project or example project. This is one of a two part series. In the first part, we explore what is necessary for your specific project and what you will need to start your production notebook. May include call sheets, contracts, logistics, licensing and more.

Pre-production book part 2
In this workshop, participants will be making a production notebook based off the scope of their project or example project. This is the second of a two part series. In the second part, we review your current production notebook and adjust if necessary.

Casting in the Bay & Audition Basics workshop
Find out local resources, who are the top casting directors in the Bay, top agencies, pros and cons of union vs non union in the Bay, networking techniques and more.

Advanced Casting & Audition Techniques
Learn advanced audition techniques, headshot reviews, industry resources and more.

**Sorry no refunds for our workshops. If you are unable to attend you may transfer to another workshop.